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Vehicle Description

Getting around in snow is a very tedious task. Although there are a lot of snowmobiles out there, not a lot of them are up to the task.

Well the Power Max 200cc is certainly up to the task. There is the whole thing with price that many will cost you an arm or a leg but the Power Max 200 come bearing a price tag of just $2999. Available in Black and Blue, the Power Max 200 sports a 200cc engine with an automatic CY6 Engine.

You can start it up via hand start and electric ignition, that being said, with multiple modes you don’t have to worry about one or the other failing. With this baby you get a three gear transmission, and the torque output is 10.3N.m along with 5000r/min.

There are hydraulic disc breaks in the front and in the rear, which help you stop at a moments’ notice.

Vehicle Specifications

  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Engine Size: 200 CC
  • Fuel Capacity: 4 L
  • Front Hand Brake: Hydrallic Disc
  • Rear Foot Brake: Hydrallic Disc
  • Ignition: Electric start
  • Weight: 335 LB

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